African Wildlife Foundation Launches Virtual Safaris This Month To Help With The Loss That Tourism In Africa Is Suffering Due To The Pandemic

The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) has been closely monitoring the difficult situation for safari operators in Africa since the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic when travel bans and government closures began impacting protected areas and local communities on the front…

At 14, this doofus has decided he wants to have outdoor privileges…found him on the deck this morning after being gone all day yesterday and last night. He quickly zonked out once safely inside.

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Powerful New Video Reveals The Tragic Plight Of Slow Lorises Being Kept As Pets; Support International Animal Rescue’s Campaign Against This Deplorable Trade!

Photos from International Animal Rescue Five years from its initial ‘Tickling is Torture’ video exposing the plight of slow lorises being kept illegally as pets, International Animal Rescue (IAR) has produced a sequel, narrated by actor and animal advocate Peter Egan. The heart-wrenching video was produced in response to the growing number of…

Meet Stripe, I found this poor frog hurt when I was on my night walk. I picked him or her off from the road and put him or her on some grass. I even put some leaves on the poor fella as a blanket. I will go back to get Stripe in the morning with a box, bugs, and a nice cozy wet blanket :)

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hey so my 23 week old German Shepherd puppy just got spayed and a hernia repair and she had a pimple on her lower thigh and then it turned into a little red thing and now she’s another one on the opposite side but like same placement does anyone know what this is?

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In Response To A Lawsuit By Conservation Groups, The U.S. Forest Service Will Halt Road Construction This Summer In Northern Idaho To Protect Grizzly Bears

In response to a lawsuit filed by five conservation groups, federal agencies earlier this week agreed to forego planned summer construction on the Bog Creek Road project in northern Idaho. Earlier this year, the U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Customs and Border…

“Golden crab attempts to free a buddy from a crab trap” in Florida, United States of America. This photo was taken by E. Wenner in July 1988. Photo credit: OAR/National Undersea Research Program (NURP); S. Carolina Mar. Resources Institute

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