Breaking! 351 Sea Turtles Found Dead Off The Coast Of Baja California Where 137 Sea Lions Perished Last Week

Photo by: Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental  Environmental groups recently announced that a total of 351 loggerhead sea turtles have been found dead so far this year in the same area of Baja California coastline where authorities also found 137…

Meet Stripe, I found this poor frog hurt when I was on my night walk. I picked him or her off from the road and put him or her on some grass. I even put some leaves on the poor fella as a blanket. I will go back to get Stripe in the morning with a box, bugs, and a nice cozy wet blanket :)

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Concerning News As An Estimated 250 Chinese Fishing Vessels Found Near The Galápagos Islands; Killing Protected Species, As Well As Sharks For Their Fins

Photo Jax Oliver, Sea Shepherd On July 17th, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported an unusual concentration of Chinese-flagged fishing vessels congregating in the high seas of the Eastern Tropical Pacific, a maritime region that includes the Galapagos Marine Reserve.…

Why is the giant panda black and white? Scientists have found that the black and white fur probably offers a kind of evolutionary compromise, allowing them to match with their backgrounds in both snowy and shaded areas.

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